Charline Bou Mansour

Charline Bou Mansour is a Lebanese-British filmmaker, senior broadcast journalist and news reader working for the Evening Standard and Global.

Charline directs, produces and edits her films often focusing on culture, society and politics, particularly on Middle Eastern affairs. She is educated to a Masters Degree level in Multimedia Journalism and holds a BA in Film Studies from Roehampton University. She is based in London, England.

The journey into the media industry for Charline began by achieving a Head of News position at Westside Radio, overseeing the departments daily output. She has since progressed to news-reading for Global radio stations; Heart and Smooth and producing for LBC News withal. Her senior position at the Evening Standard entails attending daily meetings, pitching new ideas, keeping track of the video output online, dealing with requests and managing regular shoots for a variety of projects. The latest documentary she has started working on is a long-form feature about Afghan refugees resettling into the UK. She is directly working with Vaccine for the World, which is a global venture following the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine to remote areas across Africa and she will be filming the challenges those communities are facing.

Charline has a personal connection to the Middle-East, which has influenced a lot of her work, having previously been commissioned by BBC Arabic and was also part of a project with Middle East Monitor where she flew to Beirut in the wake of the 4th August port explosion, to film a documentary on the record number of people desperate to flee the country.

Her distinctively personable and honest approach has influenced her creative work as she aims to increase conversation on taboo subjects, especially for Middle Eastern women. She has written for monthly newsletter The Greater Conversation on breaking traditions and is working on a short film on shame and honour in Arab communities in the UK.


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