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LaToya is a journalist, newsreader and reporter with a massive passion for business-based journalism. The Birmingham native has had a passion for writing since her since childhood, where she was inspired by the works of Roald Dahl. She graduated from City University with a merit in Financial Journalism and is now a Business Reporter at The Daily Telegraph.

Her break in news reading came when she spotted an opportunity to join the news team at Westside Radio in 2018. Following a short training period she was given the permanent position of newsreader and reporter. Along with considerable broadcast training, LaToya has developed skills extending to the production side and can also record, mix and edit broadcast material.

As a Business Reporter for the Daily Telegraph, LaToya covers company financials, economics, UK and US markets and other breaking stories. She also proofreads the business pages before print alongside uploading to the website and operating some of the social media accounts.

LaToya’s business and financial acumen was evident from her early days back in school, where she always had a way with numbers. And whilst studying for her accounts and finance undergraduate degree, where she came in the top 10 percent of undergrads in her year, she went in to business and setup her own sales agency with 3 friends. They specialised in importing and distributing goods from abroad and from within the UK. This experience provided her with firsthand knowledge of running a successful business, dealing with CEO’s, clients and managing directors.

Outside of her work life, LaToya has a massive passion in helping to inspire the next generation. LaToya currently is part of a mentor/buddy programme with media group Creative Access, that helps people from ethnic minority backgrounds to get roles in the media industry. LaToya has also participated in various children's work in the past, from working in daycares part-time while studying to volunteering at Christmas and Easter activity programs. LaToya also completed a level 1 sports leadership award to teach physical education to children. LaToya believes it is important for the next generation to have positive role models and someone to look up to. LaToya's family are foster carers to children who sometimes come from difficult and/or disadvantaged backgrounds which has inspired her to reach out to the next generation and make a difference where possible.


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